I decided last minute to head down to the Brooklyn waterfront for some sunset pictures. It's been a while since I've gone out for photos, and I was itching to flex that shutter finger.
This shot was taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's an HDR of 3 shots, taken at 0.3 stops apart. I normally don't like HDR, but when done subtly, I can add details in an otherwise blown out or muddled photograph.
Having taken some nice shots, I decided to head home. I've done the twilight shots before from this location, so I wasn't too interested in waiting around. However I decided to take a few last shots from the elevated promenade, and I'm glad that I did!
I swear that I didn't mess with the color levels at all on this one! I did a few exposure adjustments and lifted the blacks/shadows to get some detail on Liberty Island, but the saturation is straight out of the camera. Definitely my favorite shot of the night!
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